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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Roofing Material.

Proper roofing of a building is a very critical part of construction for all types of building. A roof is required to provide protection from animals as well as weather conditions such as rain, sun or wind. Roofing refers to the covering of a building and the framing or structure which supports that covering. Different types of roofs that can be construction to cover a building include EPDM roofing, flat roofs, green roofs, modified bitumen, traditional asphalt, tar and gravel, tile roofing and white membrane roofing systems.

When looking for a roof there are general consideration that people make such as the material, the type of construction and the durability of the roof. Depending on the construction that one is considering or the period that they expect the roof to last, one can opt to use traditional roofing materials such as banana leaves, wheaten straw or sea grass or the modern roofing materials like laminated glass, copper and aluminium sheeting.

The general function of the roof is for protection of people and assets but roofing may vary depending on the type of building like residential or commercial. The size of the commercial building and residential building as well as the slope of the roof may be used to explain why the roofing design between commercial and residential roofing vary. The size of residential building is small and requires a smaller load bearing capacity and crew than the commercial roofing. Residential roofing and commercial roofing also play other functions other than protection that vary. A residential roof should function to accommodate minor protrusions like chimneys and sunlight while a commercial roof should allow for systems, smoke stacks, pipes, roof entrances and mechanical needs. The knowledge and skills required for construction of commercial roofing is more complex than of residential roofing.

One of the best quality roofing is architectural roofing such as cedar shakes and slakes. Architectural roofing is easy to install and does not require a lot of time to do so.

The roofing contractor that one hires should be reliable. The number of companies offering roofing maintenance and installation services for both residential and commercial building have increased in over the years. When installing an architectural roofing one should look for professional assistance for their experience in roof installation and expertise.

Things to look for in a roofing contractor include their experience in handling roofing problems, proof that they can install quality roofing, cost of installation, their knowledge on the latest trends in the roofing materials and styles, insurance and bonding as well as the warranty on material flaws or mishaps in the installation.

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