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Saving Money – Managing Utilities for Financial Prudence

People having small businesses always strive to reduce operating expenses. Particularly there are high costs associated with utilities. You cannot avoid utilities in any premise. It is however possible to cut down on costs on such utilities. Implementing measures can curb the high cost of water, gas and even electricity. This can be achieved by using the following ten measures.

First thing is to use LED lighting in your office. Basically LED bulbs consume less electrical energy and they are also durable. LED lights will hence save on your electricity costs and cost of changing them now and then. The second thing is to install programmable thermostats in the office. Management of temperatures by these thermostats reduces bills. The use of dummy thermostats has been witnessed in some offices.

Checking for any air leaks in the office is the third measure. Air leaks can lead to increased usage of electricity and gas hence increasing your bills. The checking can be done by technicians or you can initiate it yourself. If you do it yourself, check door frames and windows among other places. Fourthly, ensure that your toilets and sinks use water efficiently. About 20% of water bills are reduced by using such efficient toilets and sinks.

The fifth thing to do is the basic practice of switching off anything that is not in use. This might sound basic but it actually reduces cost of electricity in the office. Similarly the sixth measure entails reduction of electricity usage by using laptops in place of desktop computers. Laptops consume less electricity as compared to desktop computers hence the replacement. This is closely related to the seventh measure to reduce bills in the office. The seventh measure will have you replace all CRT monitors in the office with the more recent and energy friendly LCD and LED screens.

Use energy star rated copy machines in the office as the eight measure of reducing cost on utilities in your office. This would reduce the electric energy it uses hence reducing the cost of electricity in the office. The ninth measure is the use of switches which have timers in your office. With such switches in bathrooms among other places you will not have electricity wastage when not in use. Finally, take advice from qualified electricians on how to further reduce your electricity bills in the office. From websites of such people you will be able to find information that can help you. Certain pages on the internet do also have the information for free. The internet has made it easy to get relevant information. Follow prompts on websites for they lead you to the information you need. Actually try getting the information now!