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Better Skin through Microneedling

Have you ever heard of micro needling? There are many that will hear about this for the first time in their history. It is actually more than 50 years old in the industry of skin treatment. This is a process where you get to puncture many holes through your skin and you use needles. There is what I said. I said creating puncture on your skin.

Micro needling is known to treat many things from wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dull skin up to issues like scars. You can as well treat stretch marks and cellulite. The other common name that the activity is mainly known for is Collagen Induction Therapy, CIT. A derma pen is what the professionals use to ensure that you get to have many holes in the skin.

The other method that you can get to do micro needling is known as the Dermaroller. This is actually a roller that you use on the skin and causes so many holes on different sides of the skin. Through the roller you are able to get the same effect.

Through the making of the many tiny holes you ends up having microchannel. This is done so that you can have a penetration of the skin care products. They therefore penetrate and get deeper into the layers of the skin so that they can deliver more results. The pinpricks act as a bunch of mini-injuries. They kick the skin into the healing mode and stimulates the collagen and elastin production. Through this process it will only take a few minutes and you can have the skin with no rushes and even removed scars.

The patients are normally injected with their own platelet plasma to fair well. It is done by a recognized professional in the medical industry. Collagen and elastic growth is then supercharged.After the procedure, the collagen, and elastic growth are supercharged.

There is actually no pain as you get to go through the entire procedure. This is how we can explain this procedure. It doesn’t hurt and on the other end it doesn’t feel good at all. After you are done with the needling you get to the application of the serum. The better feeling comes in when you put on the facemask. This doesn’t bring about any pain.

You get to have redness of the skin after finishing the procedure. It will take you a few hours then the normal condition will be regained. After the procedure you are likely to go through this procedure. Within an hours’ time it can even be long gone. The pores then shrink making the skin feel soft. At this point the skin is dehydrated therefore use of hydrating oils would be better. This leaves your skin with a soft feeling.

To undergo through the entire procedure you will actually need close to thirty minutes. You will only experience redness over a few days then you get the rest skin stimulation.

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