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Home Remedies That Are Best for Treating Hemorrhoids

This is the swelling of veins around the rectum which are usually brought by constipation or unending diarrhea. One may start getting symptoms like bleeding in the stool, irritation and pain around the rectum. They are usually normal in the body until they get infected and this causes them to be swollen and painful.

This condition occurs when the vessels increase pressure making them to swell and increase in size. I have outlined the factors that lead to increase in pressure that causes the hemorrhoids to get swollen. Pregnancy causes the swelling since the uterus gets to enlarge and increase in pressure.

For someone who has had a surgery of the rectum in the past, this condition is most likely to affect them. This condition is mostly caused by lack of upright posture and injuries of the spinal cord. Consumption of foods that are of low fiber makes the vessels to increase pressure causing these swellings.

This condition is also caused by the cancer of the colon that makes the intestines exert a lot of pressure for the blood vessels hence the swelling in the anus and rectum. The fluid released in that area makes it feel itchy due to the swelling. The swellings produces skin tags that usually appear around the anus that may cause infection since they are also painful.

Diagnosis is usually done to detect the condition whereby in case no results are found, the examiner recommends a scan. There are several treatmentmethods that can be performed to a patient like home remedies that are easy for one. Avoiding intake of spicy foods helps in reducing inflammation.

It is important to sit in a warm water bath that helps reduce the inflammation. After the bath, one is supposed to wipe the area gently to avoid irritation. To avoid itchiness and more damage one is supposed to apply some petroleum jelly around the area.

One is supposed to take a rest for some time to help reduce irritation since the vessels get to reduce the pressure. Laying on bed with a side posture allows the vessels to relax and reduce inflammation since it is a comfortable posture. The vessels can be relaxed by avoiding suing pressure on the anal area.

Wearing cotton pants and loose clothing help in preventing moisture not to build up that irritates the hemorrhoids. By use of ice packs being placed on the affected area helps in reduction of pain and irritation. Avoiding taking a lot of time in the toilet helps reduce risks of vessels enlargement and this in turn helps reduce swelling. This can be treated through sitting when lifting up the leg a bit since it reduces inflammation.

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